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Steel spring isolators are laterally stable even without any housing as they have the ratio of 1:1 approximately between the horizontal and vertical stiffness and as the free standing type complete with neoprene acoustical pads 0.25“(6mm) thick beneath the base plate this open spring isolators consist of top and bottom load plate and adjustment bolt for leveling which shall be rigidly bolted to the machineries.


Spring should be designed to have the diameter not less than 80% of the one when it is compressed at rated load. Springs should also be designed to have a minimum additional 50% travel beyond rated deflection and safe solid stresses. For approval spring diameters, deflections, compressed spring height and solid spring height shall be submitted. We, UNISON Engineering Co., Ltd. manufactures the type OSM for this mountings.


OSM spring mounts are for all installation of high efficiency for small force producing equipment related to air conditioning not requiring the use of snubbing to control movement, as our standard model. As an housed design, this assure lateral stability even without any housing because this has a good ratio between the diameter and the working height. Even though we have requested a minimum of 0.8 for the ratio of the spring diameter over the compressed height, we take a ratio of 1:1 for all of two inch deflection and far below two inch deflection.


We consider that a minimum diameter chart pull shed by others rather than a ratio is prejudiced, because all other manufacturers who have not standardized on the specific size shall have difficulty on a predetermined diameter. Really important thing is the proportion of the spring which can be expressed as a ratio rather than a specific size. If, for instances, a spring diameter and height are 5“(125mm) respectively and designed spring constant is 1000lbs(450kgs) per 1”(25mm), it would have about the same lateral stability as a spring of 4“(100mm) diameter and height as it were possible to make it smaller design by using a material of higher stress capabilities.


The errors which might be happened due to wrong weight data shall be compensated by minimum 50% of allowance. Also for further guarantees of its long life, the springs of this type operate at a low stress value, this type shall have the neoprene pad on the bottom to prevent transmission of very high frequency vibration and noise. OSM spring mounts provide simple, practical, cost effective solution for Vibration and Noise problems.
We, UNISON Engineering Co., Ltd. manufactures the various kinds of OSM spring mountings from 1“ deflection spring mountings to 4” deflection on spring mountings in order to solve Vibration and Noise problems and to meet the customer‟s requirement.