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The minimum static deflection of Double Deflection Neoprene Mountings is 0.3”(8mm). As one piece molded neoprene with encapsulated metal inserts., it provides corrosion protection and friction pads both top and bottom so they need not be bolted to the floor. Bolt hales if required shall be provided for these areas. Type UNM mountings are available as manufactured by UNISON Engineering Co., Ltd.



 We recommend Double Deflection Neoprene Mounts only for minor equipment or installation at basement. The reason why we have given this limitation on all materials like rubber is that their deflection are relatively minor.



 With the low cost, effectiveness in a wide band of frequencies and the ease of application natural or synthetic and molded in a wide variety of shape and sizes with or without metallic inserts depending on the service are most widely used for vibration control.




 1.These mountings are used when high static deflection and simple installation are required can be installed conveniently at a low cost.


2. Those mountings need not be bolted to the floor necessarily during installation and can be placed under flat based equipment which have no bolt holes in much the same way as rubber vibration pads.


3. The rubber is loaded in both shear and compression to provide the desirable straight line rubber in shear deflection curves as well as overloaded protection.


4. These mountings could be upside-down in order to let the rectangular bottom rubber covered steel base plate provided support over a large area for the equipment having a flush drain fan of tank on the bottom.


 5. Mountings shall be molded in one piece assembled with skid resistant rubber ridged base plates and circular rubber ridged tops which provides corrosion protection in severe corrosive condition. Oil resistant Neoprene mountings are supplied as a standard, but for special applications natural rubber or other elastomers may be used. 6. These mountings shall be used on equipment such as small vent sets, close coupled pumps, A.H.U., FAN, and small machinery.