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 FOR floating For floating foundations, rectangular structural beam or channel concrete forms are available. The depth of base needs not be bigger than 12‟‟(300mm) unless otherwise specifically recommended by manufacturer, and shall be minimum 1/12th of the longest dimension of the base, but shall not be less than 6‟‟(150mm). These foundations shall include minimum concrete reinforcement consisting of half inch bars or angles welded in place on 6‟‟(150mm) centers running both ways in a layer 1.5‟‟(38mm) above the bottom or addition steel as is required by the structural conditions. Steel members to hold anchor bolt sleeves and height saving brackets in all mounting locations to maintain a 1‟‟(25mm) clearance below the base shall be supplied with UNISON ENGINEERING Co,. Ltd. Manufacturers the type C of BMB for this foundation.
Floating foundation, consisting of a structural steel form with rods and anchor bolt templates in place ready for pouring as a complete package, has been experienced and adopted for many years by many qualified engineers as a better solution for vibration problems of pumps rather than highly unbalanced equipment such as slow speed.



1. BMB bases are composed of a steel pouring form usually welded in reinforcing bars and isolator brackets.
These base should be rectangular and rigidity. Also these bases have a depth equal to 1/10th the longest span between isolators with a normal of 200mm. Base depth need not exceed 300mm unless specifically required for mass, rigidity or component alignment.
These bases can be used on equipment such as pump, A.H.U, Fan, and Air compressor.
BMB bases prevent the equipment‟s damage in advance and extend the equipment‟s Life.
In installing BMB bases, you can use the type OSM or HSM spring mountings or UNM neoprene mountings together with BMB base for equipment Support.