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Product Configuration

• The reducer consists of m, k and C, and as the value depending on the characteristics of the main vibrometer, k uses the coil spring and C uses oil with large viscosity.


Product Features

• TMD used for the building has a structural problem vulnerable to the vibration due to lightweight and elongation of a building, and to solve this problem, a secondary vibrometer needs to be added. The vibration can be reduced by tuning certain frequency of the main vibrometer.

• It is installed on the upper high-rise buildings, top of the middle of the bridge, the central point between piers or the center point of the overpass, the central point of the slab in the steel structure, and the point of maximum displacement amplitude of the specific mode, and reduces the vibration of wind loads, seismic loads, walking loads, vehicle-moving loads.


Application Scope of the Product

• m: 1-5% of the main vibration system Mass

• C: The optimum damping is 10-20%
• Amplitude reduction: 50%

• Product weight: 40 ~ 4,500 kg
• Natural frequency: 2 ~ 15Hz