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Special Features of Product 

■ Install the Spring Damper System in any important area that contains rotary machines and accuracy equipments to effectively prevent transmission of noise, vibration or impact.. 

Damping oil filled in the inside will touch the piston to generate a damping force and into the thermal energy, and cyclic reduction of the exciting force will be reduced by the spring.

It has good vibration isolation effect by maintaining natural frequency of the top of the vibration proof system very low.  

■ It blocks penetration of vibration, being installed in the equipment which needs effective isolation of vibration from outside, such as precision measuring instruments, semiconductor production equipment, etc.

The product limits vertical migration deflection by weight changes of the equipment or the relevant structure to prevent any damage or deformation of the equipment. 


Use of Product

For anti-vibration of accuracy equipments including optical microscopes. 

For anti-vibration of fast rotary machines and test equipments.

The equipment passing through resonance area at the time of operation.

Vibration control desk to block the penetration of vibration from outside.



■ Spring damper housing    

■ Spring 

■ Spring cup

■ Dust cover

■ Band clamp

■ Damping oil

■ Hexagon socket headless set screws